We are a small team of fans who envision to bring the joy of pony conventions to our homeland, and we commit to deliver the greatest experience we can possibly offer. Pony conventions such as NusaPonyCon relies heavily on the contribution, support, and donations that are provided by the brony community, and we do not intend to profit in any way. Any ticket purchases, donations, or sponsorship will go one hundred percent into bringing home a festival of friendship our archipelago will not miss out on!

While NusaPonyCon is the first pony convention in Indonesia, our management team has experience from other successful Southeast Asian conventions. Our team members have run or volunteered with Project SEAPonyCon, a multinational pony convention project that ran successfully in August 2017 in Bangkok, and October 2018 in Singapore, with attendees, performers, panelists, and special guests from outside Southeast Asia. Some of our talents also helped with Singapore’s Cantermare University and Malaysia’s Friendship Express pony conventions. Our international network of friends and advisors provides us with the procedures and support we need to run the first-time convention.

Here are the people who helped made this event a reality!