The archipelago’s celebration of friendship.

13 July 2019
Museum Nasional, Jakarta

We welcome you to Indonesia’s first ever My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fan convention! Join us for a celebration of friendship and a great day with friends and fans alike.

NusaPonyCon is Indonesia’s first ever convention dedicated to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It is an event that is aimed at fans of the show from every demography, with activities, goodies and performances delivered with love from the Indonesian community and beyond. Regardless of your age, gender, or where you come from, we welcome you to join the archipelago’s celebration of friendship.

We invite you to purchase your tickets now with an early bird standard ticket discount, and be part of a landmark party with Indonesia's pony community.

What will we have in store?

Pony conventions thrive with the diversity of the community, and hence, we open the stage to the pony fandom to complete and take part in.
Our convention plans to provide space for pony fans to share their interests and enthusiasm with others. And other than just being a large place to meet up, NusaPonyCon plans to have:

Activities and Panels

Whether you’re an artist, animator, writer, musician, or anyone who enjoys all of the works from the fandom, we plan to open the stage for activities from local and regional content creators you love. Creators will be given time to present their works and share their experience and journey with you. Other activities such as games and open Q&As that engages the audience will also be welcomed.

See Rundown


This is an event where you can find fan works and merchandise of your favorite ponies. If you are an artist or any other content creator who would like to display and sell your fan works, we will be opening slots for you to vend your goodies. From art prints to merchandise, we provide you with stalls to retail your works to others.

See Vendors

Chill and Chat Spaces

Whether you’re tired of shopping or would like to have a nice chat or a card game with your friends, we also provide seating and tables for you to have a great time with others. Chat with others, meet new friends, and enjoy the convention. (It’s also a great place for parents to chill and meet others, too.)

And of course, we act as a venue for bronies to meet up, know each other better, chat, and have a great time together. Whether you are participating in any activities or you’re just here to make friends, NusaPonyCon is the place for bronies and fans of My Little Pony to congregate and unite with the spirit of friendship.

All of our activities and venue spaces will be in the same room, so whether you are a vendor, panelist, or an attending fan, you’ll never miss out on the action!

 Tabitha St. Germain

Tabitha St. Germain is an award-winning Canadian stage actress. She began working in animation in Toronto provided the voices for KOOTIE PIE KOOPA in the SUPER MARIO BROS. cartoons, SPRYTE the fairy in THE LEGEND OF ZELDA, Miss Demeanor in C.O.P.S., Prudence in the BEETLEJUICE, and I forget the name of the character in ALF.  Also someone in SONIC UNDERGROUND. Brain is dodgy. Voice is great. Does not pee involuntarily. Since moving west, she has voiced many Anime characters, like GOTENKS in DRAGON BALL ZFLAY ALLISTER in GUNDAM SEED, ROBERTA in BLACK LAGOON. She appeared as Captain Flamingo in Captain Flamingo, as Martha in MARTHA SPEAKS, Heloise in JIMMY-TWO SHOES. She has been a regular in many Barbie movies. Most recently, she’s best known for PRINCESS LUNA, GRANNY SMITH AND RARITY, some of the main characters of MY LITTLE PONY: FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC, also all the female characters in MR HELL and LEAGUE OF SUPER EVIL, a male and a female nerd in NERDS AND MONSTERS, Stuff in DEATH NOTE, LITTLEST PET SHOP, SABRINA: SECRETS OF A TEENAGE WITCH, PAC-MAN, LOLLIROCKS, ENDANGERED SPECIES, (PICKLE), KATE AND MIM MIM, PIRATE EXPRESS, KONG, LOLIROCKS, POLLY POCKET, NINGAGO, 16 HUDSON, DORG VAN DANGO and many other cartoon and anime series.

Get Yourself Ready!

We are currently working on all the exciting things we will have in store, and we will be updating you as soon as possible. If you're curious about what's coming up next, and want to engage with us, hit us up on social media!
We also have a Discord server for everyone to join and chat on, as a place for you and your friends and other attendees to talk about your plans to attend, engage with the team and give suggestions and ideas to us. You can also use it to help formulate travel and accomodation plans with others.

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